Sunday, 17 November 2013

Speaking Up for Teaching Assistants

On 29 November Unison is holding a 'Speaking Up for Teaching Assistants Day' which is to celebrate TAs and all the incredible work they do.

In the 12 days leading up to that we want to share some of your thoughts on this.

On Twitter teacher @Organic_Jane told us,

"Without our Teaching Assistants children will not be able to access the curriculum. Vital part of our school."

And via email former head teacher Pat Wills said,

"As HT of a large primary school in one of the most disadvantaged wards in the country it was obvious that teachers needed to be enabled to teach. By building teams of teaching assistants this could happen. Learning mentors, family support workers, inclusion team and QuietPlace workers provided the structure. The SEN team gained knowledge re specific learning needs so children could access the curriculum."

Another email contributor said,

"In my school they have already started to reduce the number of teaching assistants and it's obvious that the students they supported (often the most vulnerable in the school) are finding it difficult without that extra layer of support. We shouldn't be reducing the numbers of teaching assistants, we need more of them. They are absolutely invaluable!"

Can you add your testimony? Let us know what what difference teaching assistants make and we'll post it up on the site.  Let's ROAR for our TAs.


  1. My children's TAs are brilliant, down-to-earth people with an obvious love of the craziness of small children. Without them I don't see how the kids would get the cooking, forest school, one-to-one reading support and many other things that happen every day and week at the moment. Getting rid of TAs is not just shortsighted, it's madness.

  2. The TAs in our school are fundamental to the success of students on a personal and academic level.