Thursday, 23 April 2015

Let's #TellPearson

The "global educator" Pearson are holding their AGM in London tomorrow (Friday).

A number of organisations here and abroad are taking the opportunity to highlight the role Pearson's play in the corporate takeover of education, spying on kids and the drive towards a data, test driven model of education.

This is capitalising on the fact that Pearson are already under a lot of pressure in the US. Read more about that HERE.

Various things are planned for tomorrow including press briefings and a delegation to the AGM.

One way in which we can all join in and support this is by taking to Twitter - from 7pm tonight and all day tomorrow - using two hashtags#tellPearson and #Childrendeserve

Some example tweets could be:

#TellPearson  stop monitoring social media #ChildrenDeserve not to be spied upon

#TellPearson end high stakes tests because #ChildrenDeserve a better education

#TellPearson no to for profit schools because #ChildrenDeserve good public education

Remember that during a Twitter storm it's the amount of original tweets that counts. Retweets have little effect but it's perfectly acceptable to copy and paste other people's tweets. The main thing is getting the message out there.

OK. Are you ready? Go!

PS. This is just phase 1 of the social media campaign. Phase 2 will kick in tomorrow. Stand by for details.