Sunday, 10 November 2013

Who is ROARing for education on Twitter?

We thought it might be useful for us to list just some of the people who we think are are using Twitter effectively to ROAR for education and who we would recommend giving a follow.

Please note that this is by no means comprehensive, is definitely in no particular order, and will certainly be updated from time-to-time (as new campaign groups appear for instance). 

If you think we've missed off someone who really should be on the list please email us at and tell us why you think they need to be on the list. We're very happy to hear your suggestions.


@heymisssmith writes great blog posts defending education 
@bed_by_ten is an activist who was key player in setting up the Primary Charter (see below)
@Sue_Cowley is an early years expert and all round defender of education 
@debrakidd is THE BLOB incarnate
@emmaannhardy is a Labour activist and campaigning teacher
      @LolaOkolosie is a teacher and journalist who wrote in defence of our last strike action
@jamesdhobson believes in high standards *and* trade unionism (seems the two aren't mutally exclusive!)
      @sdupp is the teacherROAR in-house cartoonist
@cazzypot writes another great blog, particularly good recently on Ofsted's damaging effects on education
@angryexteacher has written really well about how PRP will not work and will damage collaboration
@UnbiasedHistory fought against Gove's proposed History curriculum, and won!
      @elly_barnes works to make schools more LGBT friendly
@drursy is a music teacher fighting hard for her subject and for education
@Brixtonite campaigns against the privatisation of education
@secretteacher6 writes an excellent blog about the life of the ordinary classroom teacher
@bristol_teacher is a really hard-working activist fighting for hard for a better education system
      @teachertomo is an activist who fights against privatisation. Consistently tweets interesting education stories
@LGBTEXEC is Annette Pryce, teacher, trade unionist and LGBT campaigner
@ELTNUT2606 is Alex Kenny who represents 2000 teachers in east London
@MerthyrNASUWT ROARS from South Wales 
@tweetingteach is a teacher turned union organiser who recently organised #seyt13
@NUTNorthern is Mike McDonald, regional secretary of NUT's Northern Region
@vinwynne is a union organiser working with teachers in north east England
@jackieschneider is a music teacher and campaigner for school food and social justice
@kiritunks is more Sylvia than Emmeline
@RoyNUT tweets about education issues
@cyclingkev is a trade union activist who tweets about education (and also happens to be DGS of the NUT)
@blamehound is an early years expert and union activist
@truan_steve is fighting against the academic snobbery that labels some subjects 'soft'
@annie80778 is the woman behind the #savepeandthearts hashtag and blog
@gorillawitch is a fully paid up enemy of promise
@geordiepolyglot is a big fan of Gove, and a heavy user of irony
@MPDNUT is a trade unionist and campaigner 
@justified_left is a Suffolk based teacher and a very loud ROARer for education and teachers
@sianbloor is a primary teacher and an ICT specialist interested in education policy
@tonydowling ROARs from Gateshead where he is a teacher and union activist
@66ron is a union activist and teacher based in Brighton
@gapboy is Daniel, a Liverpool based teacher and education activist
@g56g is a retired primary head, school governor and former NUT president based in Huddersfield
@bedfordburrow is a Green activist and blogger who loves afternoon tea and is less enthusiastic about Gove and Wilshaw
@ian_bec is Head of History at a large comprehensive in Wales

Further Education

@TracieFK is a freelance lecturer and trainer in all things children/parenting
@MahmoonaShah works in FE in Bradford. She has a locked account but ask nicely and she may let you follow
@yokelbear is a trade unionist and lecturer 


@WembleyMatters is a Green Party activist with a particular interest in education
@Melissa_Benn is a journalist and author specialising in education
@schooltruth is Fiona Miller who, along with Melissa Benn, set up the Local Schools Network campaign to promote the work of community schools

Campaign Groups

@primarycharter campaigns for child-centred learning
@save_downhills inspired all the anti-forced academy campaigns that followed
@saveSnaresbrook recently won their campaign against forced academy status
@saveoursullivan are currently campaigning to stop their school being closed to make way for a free school
@antiacademies campaign against the privatisation and marketisation of education
@comp_future campaigns for fair school admissions
@ourschoolsE17 are a group of parents, teachers and residents who love their local community schools
@parentseduforum have been set up to promote parents' voice in education
@parentROAR are parents ROARing support for teachers
@edu_reform campaigns against the overly-prescriptive, league-table-obsessed nature education 
@soceduass is Labour's only affiliated education group
@BadassTeachersA are a group US teachers fighting back against marketisation of education
@localschools_uk celebrate local schools and run a series of great education stories
@govewatch does what it says on the tin and keeps track of Gove's latest idiotic plans and cockups
@LNWN_NUT is the London NUT's Women's Network 
@TheDramaArmy are champions of the expressive arts and other subjects deemed (mistakenly) to be 'soft'

Generally Gobby People and Teacher Allies

@MichaelRosenYes is a professor of children's literature and defender of education
@jennylandreth has written in defence of teachers and strike action
@realmissfiona is a TV presenter and Mirror columnist who has supported teachers against Gove
@DearDaveandNick is an artist-educator and political campaigner who has always been a firm supporter of teachers


@DrLoisWeiner is a US professor of education and union activist
@DianeRavitch is a leading US campaigner for education
@teachsolidarity has global news of of teachers' struggles and the fight against education reform
@teach_talk_back is a Dublin based forum for teachers to discuss education and union matters

Education Policy and Law

@pasi_sahlberg is the international ambassador for Finnish education (no testing til 18, no Ofsted, world-class)
@tothechalkface is a senior lecturer in education
@Education_LDay is the education department of the human rights law firm Leigh Day
@canofworms is the barrister David Wolfe who works for those concerned about academies, free schools and the law 
@dylanwiliam is a professor of education and interested in the power of education to transform lives
@hstevenson10 is Howard Stevenson who writes about teaching, teachers and schools
@RichardEvans36 is a Cambridge Professor and defender of the History curriculum
Satirical Accounts (at least we think they're satirical...)

@Toryedumacation exists to poke fun at a similarly named vitriolic twitter account allegedly run from the DfE
@Badheadteacher says there's been no dissent in his school since he got rid of the staff room, the union reps, the doors to every classroom and the Head of History


  1. I have also been fighting Gove for a year now and find it a good sign that you are coordinating so many teacher voices against this most vile puppet of industry. I run and tweet as Educ_Reform

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