Monday, 14 October 2013

Let's make some NOISE!

As you know the next strike action is this Thursday 17 October.

We know that Gove and certain sections of the media will denounce teachers as unprofessional, will say that we don't care about kids, and that we're greedy.  They will say that we don't have the support of the public.

We want to show them that they're wrong.

That's why we want you to sign up to our Thunderclap.

This is a flooding of social media with messages of support for striking teachers. It's set to happen at 9pm on the eve of the strike (i.e. Wednesday 16th). So far over 600 people have signed up and their combined 'reach' is well over 400,000 people. The support is coming in from all quarters. Natalie Bennett the leader of the Green Party has signed up, as has renowned science writer, journalist and broadcaster Marcus Chown.

How can you join in?

It's simple. If you use Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr you can click on this linkand then on the Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr buttons. This will authorise those sites to publish a message on your behalf.

So far we have over 600 supporters. Can we get that to 1000 before Wednesday night? Can we do even better? Come on, let's see just how loud we can make that ROAR of support for teachers!

Show your support. Click on the link and share, share, share.

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