Monday, 14 October 2013

Wendy explains why she is taking strike action

A teacher called Wendy posted this on our Facebook page where it got 20,000 views. We thought we'd share it here as it's clearly striking a chord with a lot of people.

"I love the children I teach and have taught over the years. They continually make me smile and laugh every single day. They make me want to get up in the morning. That's why I WILL BE STRIKING on Thursday 17th October. To protect their futures. They don't want a one size fits all curriculum, they don't want a 70 year old teacher, they don't want to be confined and seen as a level. They don't want a stressed out teacher who works over 60 hours a week, but gets paid for 27, but is still told they are "just good" and need to be "outstanding" at all times. They love their Teaching Assistants and Meal Supervisors and even the 6 year olds see their significance (unlike Michael Gove). They don't want to come to school on the weekends, or stay at school until 7pm every night, or get their school holidays cut. They understand that play is fundamental to their development, learning and social emotional well being. Many of the children in state education in London do not necessarily come from "middle/upper class" backgrounds, therefore they will not all learn in the confined way Mr Gove proposes they be "taught". They need and want flexibility, cuddles, love and understanding, not a one size fits all approach. They need a Government who understands the average person. Fights for and supports the average Joe. Supports public workers. Supports their heroes such as fire-fighters and nurses and doesn't condemn them. They just want to play, love learning, have fun and be kids. That is why I WILL BE STRIKING ON THE 17th October. Because I am willing to fight and do whatever it takes to protect the futures of the amazing children that inspire me each and every day. Will you stand up for what is right? Unity is strength. Together we can win."

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